Q: Is Mark autographing items right now? I saw on another website that if I mailed items to a certain address, he would sign them. Is this true?
A: Due to work and other time constraints, Mark is no longer signing autographs. If you would like a souvenir photo, please go. While other sites or celebrity address books may have an address listed, please be aware they are no longer valid. Thank you for your understanding.
Q: Could you please give me Mark's e-mail/snail mail address?
A: Sorry, no.
Q: I've seen two different years listed for Mark's birth, 1951 and 1952. Which is the correct year?
A: Mark was born September 25, 1951.
Q: Can you send me pictures of his children?
A: Sorry, but no.
Q: Was Star Wars the first movie Mark worked on?
A: No - Mark worked on Wizard and several tv-movies before he did Star Wars.
Q: Why hasn't Mark 'done anything' since Stars Wars?
A: Sorry, but this question makes us laugh our heads off! If you want to know what Mark has done since Star Wars, just check out his voluminous Credits section here on the website. In addition to doing theater work both on and off-Broadway, he has worked on numerous film and television projects, and is known as "one of the most prolific voice talents in Hollywood.